How To Make Summer Healthier With Grapes!

25 Mar , 2021

Just like beauty, Grapes also come in different sizes and colours, including Green, Reddish, Purple & Black. The different colour of Reddish, Purple & Black Grapes aka Wild Grapes is caused by the production of 'Anthocyanin', a blue, violet or red coloured flavonoid responsible for the rich colouring of many plants. But, doesn't matter what colour they are, grapes almost have similar benefits. So today, let us take a look at how to get healthier this summer with grapes.

  • Almost Fat-Free & Low On Calories These juicy little watery balls are almost fat-free and low on calories. This means you can eat them any time of the day and as much as you want without the fear of gaining any extra weight. The only thing you'll gain is a full tummy without eating much calories.
  • Good For Your Weight Loss Plans If getting slimmer and shedding those extra pounds is your goal this summer, then grapes are going to be your best friend and you're going to eat your friend. Grapes contain 'Resveratrol', a flavonoid that helps increase body metabolism to burn more calories and support your weight loss plans to help you achieve your targeted weight.
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  • Healthy Bones With Vitamin C & K Grapes contain a high content of Vitamin C & K required for the maintenance & good health of bones. Vitamin C helps the body absorb Calcium properly to maintain bone health and Vitamin K helps with blood clotting & produce healthy bone tissue making your bones stronger.
  • Potassium & Fibre Protect The Heart Grapes are a rich source of Potassium & Fibre that help take care of your heart, improve cardiovascular health & regulate blood pressure. Plus, a good amount of Potassium in your diet prevents osteoporosis and can help with muscle contractions & kidney health too.
  • Improved Eye Health Grapes are rich in antioxidants that improve Eye health and help protect the retina from degenerative diseases by preventing oxidative stress which is harmful to the retina. Grapes have also been credited with the prevention of cataract and improving eyesight.
  • Better and Healthier Sleep Grapes are one of the very few fruits known to contain Melatonin (Sleep Hormones). Thus, adding a good amount of grapes to your diet can help regulate the circadian rhythms to balance a disturbed sleep-wake cycle and get you a healthy sleep.
  • Reduced Blood Sugar & Diabetes Risk If you are a diabetic you need not worry about increased blood sugar while eating grapes. Along with Resveratrol, grapes also contain Quercetin, another flavonoid with medicinal & antioxidant properties, and many other compounds. Together, these help lower blood sugar and even help reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Improved Brain Health & Memory Eating grapes daily can help improve your Brain Health and Memory. The presence of Vitamin B6 in the fruit helps support healthy memory, and Resveratrol helps protect the brain cells from damage.

In a nutshell, grapes are one of nature's healthiest and tastiest gifts to mankind. Just eating the fruit daily sitting at your home this summer can do magic for your overall health. HAPPY EATING!

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